Why Sellers Select Tony Hall & Associates as Their Listing Agency

When sellers call us about listing and selling their homes, they usually say how they happened to hear about us, or why they are considering our company. If they don't volunteer the information, we ask, because we're always seeking ways of improving our performance (and we're also just plain curious).

The reasons for contacting us are varied, and often more than one reason is given. We categorize them as follows: Referrals; Newspaper Articles, Radio Commercials; Internet, Relocation Guides, and Other. Here are examples of each:


"You sold my neighbors' house and they were very pleased with the results."

"A friend in my department said I should call you, because you're the expert on Chapel Hill real estate."

"Our friends told us you could advise us on all the options."

Radio Commercials

"After hearing you on WCHL so often, I feel I know you and can trust you."

"I enjoy your personal touch. So refreshing. I've heard the ads of some of the real estate franchise companies here and in other areas, and they sound like a New York ad agency."


"Viewed your home page on the net. Good job!"

"Your home page on the Internet is the computerized 'Welcome Wagon' to Chapel Hill."

“Your presence on Realtor.com is awesome.”


"I got lost and was driving around through a different neighborhood when I noticed a lot of houses for sale. Your signs were the only ones with SOLD on them."

"We bought this house from you 20 years ago and decided right then, if it ever came time to sell, we'd choose you for our agent."

Whatever the reasons for calling us about your home, we thank you. We will do our utmost to warrant, and reinforce, your confidence in us to get your home SOLD!

At Tony Hall & Associates, we don't just list houses -- we sell them.